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At PBT, our goal is to design and fabricate the finest, most meticulous product in our industry. As you will see below, our finished products speak for themselves.
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Side Profile View
35' Cabo Express
Cabo Yachts / 35' - 0"
This cabo express boat has a 4' Gap with hardtop mounted 32'- 2 spreader outriggers and rod holders on the hardtop aft rail.
Side Profile
37' Grady White
Grady White Boats / 37' - 0"
Installing a tower on the 37' Grady White while integrating our tower with the factory hardtop and frame was quite the challenge. First, we had to create custom forward hardtop pads for both the top and bottom of the hardtop. Second, we had to add a custom truss in between the front legs below the hardtop but also having to miss the forward windshield door that opens up so you could get to the front of the boat. We also had to create spacers between the hardtop and our perimeter rail as we were unable to bolt our perimeter rail directly the hardtop fiberglass as you will see in the photos.
Some other items we installed on the tower were a custom radar mast, rod holder mounted on the inner ladder legs, rod holders behind the tower sunshade seating, (2) rod holders off the side of the tower ring and 31'-2 spreader Rupp outriggers.
On the platform we installed LED spreader lights and LED down lighting.
side profile
41' Rampage Express
Rampage Yachts / 41' - 0"
This 41' Rampage express would be the first one PBT completed over in Anna Maria, FL at Galati Yacht Sales. The tower received a 4ft gap polished pipe with (2) dual rod locker storage boxes on the underside of the hardtop. We also installed tri-colored LED lights, nav lights, (3) LED spreader lights, our 60" control box and Rupp 31'- 2 spreader outriggers mounted on the hardtop. The enclosure was also (4) sided Strata-glass.
Side Profile
42' Express Marlin Tower
Viking Yachts / 42' - 0"
On this Marlin tower, we designed the tower to fit the customers needs which was to feel like he had a cruising style tower. So we installed a longer and lower benchseat with backrest up in the tower and bomar hatch in the hardtop for more air flow. The tower also received LED spreader lights, rod holders on the inner aft legs, (4) sided enclosure and 30'-2 spreader Rupp outriggers.
Aft Perspective
42' Express Tower
Viking Yachts / 42' - 0"
With all the newest features on the 42' Viking Express, like the lift up mezzanine we had to re-engineer the aft ladder section of our tower so that it would not interfere with their mezzanine. As you will see in the photos, we twisted the inner ladder leg to be parrallel with the boat forward to aft. Thought it may look awkward, it functions real well when climbing up the tower. We also installed on this 4' gap tower, LED NAV lights, tri-colored LED lights, mini LED spreader lights, easy access fiberglass in the platform fiberglass and 31'-2 spreader Rupp outriggers.
Side Profile
42' Invincible
Invincible Boats / 42' - 0"
PBT was given the opportunity of designing, building and installing the most custom tricked out tower package ever installed on a outboard style boat. Mr. Leon and his highly experience team had a very detailed list of ideas and options they had to have designed into the ultimate tower for their fishing style. Together we spent numerous hours in CAD design to develop a super clean look with curved forward legs and bracing, along with our signature curved fiberglass parts. One new feature was a molded sealed kite locker with shelves on the underside of the hardtop, followed by a molded electronics wedge and recessed electric teaser reels with remotes to the tower control box. The upper end of the tower was designed with a full complement of electronics including a 12” Garmin display, night vision and search light controls, full engine system and bow thruster joy stick. For the Miami style of fishing, we also welded two rod holders onto the bench seat backrest, for the team to be able to quickly cast to tailing Sailfish. Another nine rod holders were welded throughout the tower for storage and the ones on the aft main tower legs have integrated steps for ease of climbing the tower. We also designed a six holder rocket launcher into the deck live well for the perfect live bait set up. Another trick feature, because this team tournament fishes in extreme conditions, we molded in a drip ledge aft on the top, so the crew sitting on the mezzanine will not get soaked with water. Five LED spreader lights provide bright lighting for their night fishing trips, along with tri-colored lights for accent. To finish off the ultimate fishing machine, we installed 28’ single spreader riggers on the hardtop, to provide the spread this team needed for all their trolling in the Bahamas.
43' Sea Hunter
SeaHunter / 43' - 0"
This was the first Sea Hunter PBT ever worked on and it was such a pleasure working with not only the owner and captain, but the manufactor as well. This 3' gap, polished pipe tower received a number of options including custom tower reel seats off the belly band, 28' single spreader Rupp outriggers, rod holders with the steps mounted on top for climbing into the tower, nav lights, led overhead and spreader lights and two removable backrests seats with cushions. We also had the upper control box and sunshade frame painted with a satin flag blue paint.
Side Profile View Running
45 Viking Express
Viking Yachts / 45' - 0"
This is our standard tower for the 45 Viking Express yacht. Its a 5' Gap with rod holders, outriggers and teaser reels mounted on the tower.
45 Viking Express Marlin Tower
Viking Yachts / 45' - 0"
This is a side profile of the Marlin Tower.

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